hanseatic relocation                         your relocation-service for Hamburg, Lübeck, Rostock, Kiel

On a daily basis people from around the globe are moving to Hamburg and northern Germany for professional or personal reasons.

In order to make their arrival and life here as enjoyable as possible, we will help them get set up, find their way around and to focus on the essentials.


No matter what stage in your life you are currently in - whether you want to start your career in Hamburg, or have decided to retire here - with our cultural coaches and our life-cycle-concept, we can offer you the right solution.


In addition, you can pick and choose the services individually - exactly as you need them. We place our services at your disposal.


You are looking for English speaking conversational partners, doctors, notaries - want to play golf, go sailing, play tennis or start a new hobby?


We will gladly assist you - you benefit from our experience, our networks and useful tips: Contact

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